It’s Okay to Not Be Okay

Hey lovely people! Recently, a friend asked me how I'm happy all the time, and I didn't know how to answer. Truth is, I'm not happy 24/7. I still have bad days, bad nights especially. Sometimes I'll cry in my room late at night because life is so overwhelming. And that's okay. It is okay to not be okay. On Instagram, I only share the good parts of my life, because that's what people on social media do. This week has actually been extremely hard, with college applications and friendship stress and school starting soon. I have been completely drained.

I'm not writing this post for you to feel bad for me. I'm writing it to show you that yes, I am happy a lot, but I have bad moments too. It's totally fine to not be happy 100% of your life. Things happen, we get upset, angry, sad. It's not human to be happy all the time. We all have good and bad days.

For those struggling with grief and/or mental illnesses, a lot of the days are low. Sometimes when we're down, we put on a mask to hide the pain (at least, I did). When someone is depressed, sometimes there is no apparent reason as to why they're feeling this way. Sometimes, on their worst days, they'll push people away because they feel like if they talk abut their problems, they'll be a burden. But ignoring your problems or working through them are two different things.

Whether it's using coping skills such as art, yoga, meditation, and so many other healthy ideas, talking to someone you trust about your feelings, or finding answers as to why you're feeling down, there are ways to get you through the crappy days. You have to get through the bad days to see the good ones, and I promise they're coming.

Let yourself feel. Whenever you're feeling low, it's okay to acknowledge your feelings instead of trying to block it out completely. That only causes more hurt in the long run. Remember you are not alone, and you aren't bothering others. We all have problems we need to work through, and sometimes that requires help. You are not a burden. Whenever I share what's on my heart, I feel much better, like a weight has been lifted.

Life has its ups and downs, but every moment, good or bad, shapes us into the people we are. Whether you're having a bad day or a good day, remember that you are here for a reason. People care about you. The world would not be the same without you.

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